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Mayatex is proud to offer high quality saddle blankets.

  • Vibrant Colors

  • Navajo Saddle Blanket Patterns

  • Aztec Horse Blanket Designs

  • Mayatex
  • Scout Saddle Blanket
  • 34 Inches long
  • 40 Inches wide 
  • Color Combination = Indigo, Show Purple, Cadet, Eve Lilac, Silver Rose, Soft Purple, Lavender, and Cream
  • Hand Woven 100% New Zealand Wool
  • The Scout Saddle Blanket is a considered a heavy weight, custom show blanket.
  • The color combinations in the Scout design features intrique shading and fading of colors, making it a versatile saddle blanket that matches many different show attire!
  • This saddle blanket is highly desired by horse owners that ride in a variety of disciplines such as western pleasure, reining, cowhorse, cutting, ranch riding, and more!
  • The Scout design also features a smooth, black wear leather to protect the wool from your latigo and off billet straps when cinching up your saddle.
  • Product Number 1313SCT-45