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The Mayatex Vegas Saddle Blanket, sized at 34 inches in length and 40 inches in width, showcases a striking Sleeping Beauty blue monotone color combination. Recognized as a heavy-weight, custom show blanket, its monochromatic design adds versatility and vibrancy, suitable for any horse's coat color. Popular among riders in various western horse disciplines like western pleasure, reining, cowhorse, and ranch riding, this blanket is highly sought after. Additionally, the Vegas design includes a smooth black wear leather to safeguard the wool from latigo and off billet straps during cinching. Product Number: 1313V1952-10

  • Mayatex
  • VegasSaddle Blanket
  • 34 Inches long
  • 40 Inches wide 
  • Sleeping Beauty Monotone Color Combination
  • The Vegas Saddle Blanket is a considered a heavy weight, custom show blanket.
  • The monochromatic color scheme of this show saddle blanket makes it a versatile and vibrant choice suitable for any horse's coat color!
  • This saddle blanket is highly desired by horse owners that ride in a variety of disciplines such as western pleasure, reining, cowhorse, cutting, ranch riding, and more!
  • The Vegas design also features a smooth, black wear leather to protect the wool from your latigo and off billet straps when cinching up your saddle.
  • Product Number 1313V1952-10