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Aztec Double Weave Horse Saddle Blanket Navy
The perfect double weave heavyweight blanket made of 90% wool. Offers extra cushioning and protection while wicking the moisture away from the horse’s back, helping to keep it cool.

This great variety of double weaves offers something for everyone. From basic to deluxe, and blended materials to wool, you can choose a color, pattern, material, and price that best suits you. The basic Kiowa is 64" long x 32" wide and is widely known as the best value blanket on the market. It is made from a blended acrylic, tightly woven and very durable. The San Antonio and the Aztec are both 100% wool weft. These two are the same great hand woven New Zealand Wool blanket as the six single weave ones listed on the facing page but double the size. These are both 64" long x 32" wide opened up and 32" long x 32" wide folded in half. These are a great option if you are looking for a heavy duty, thicker blanket that can be folded to suit your needs under your saddle. These make great throw rugs for your house or tack room.
Size: 64" long x 32" wide open, 32" long x 32" folded

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