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Enhance your riding experience with the Mayatex Durango 32x64 New Zealand Wool Saddle Blanket.  Adorned with a captivating color scheme featuring Brown, Black, Sand, Cream, this blanket is a visual masterpiece for western riders. The overall size of this blanket is 32" x 64",  and its innovative design allows for easy folding to create a compact 32"x32" blanket to go under your saddle or saddle pad. Crafted from 100% New Zealand Wool, it ensures a perfect blend of quality and style. The product number for this saddle blanket is 1308-2.

  • Mayatex
  • Durango Weaving Design
  • Western Saddle Blanket
  • Color Design: Brown, Black, Sand, Cream
  • 32" x 64"
  • This saddle blanket is designed to be folded in half to make a 32"x32" blanket
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Product Number: 1308-2