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Saddle Blanket Care
With many styles and materials available for saddle pads and blankets, the wool blanket is far and away 32" L x 34" W. Sand/Slate.

New Zealand Wool Saddle Blankets
These blankets are ideal for use under a wool felt or orthopedic-type pad to absorb sweat and help keep your pad clean, or over a pad to dress up your horse for a competition. They are also just the right thickness to adjust saddle fit, if you need to add just a little more thickness, but don’t need a full additional pad.

Each blanket is woven with 100% wool weft (body of the blanket) on a synthetic warp (skeleton of the blanket). The synthetic thread used for the warp resists salt, dirt and moisture from sweat and hair, as well as helps the blanket maintain it’s shape and durability. If the warp threads are cut, the blanket will unravel. The 100% wool weft allows the blanket to be durable, soft and breathable against the horse’s back. If a weft thread is cut, or torn, it can be trimmed and tucked back into the warp and the blanket will be fine.

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