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About Us

IN 1944, JOYCE DOBKINS FOUNDED MAYATEX, Inc., after excelling as Valedictorian at Texas Tech University, she embarked an extraordinary journey. At 33, she bought a car in New York and drove alone to Guatemala via the new Pan-American Highway. Immersed in Guatemalan life, she developed a deep appreciation for Mayan culture and textiles. Spurred by her passion, she teamed up with her sister, Carmen Drake, to establish a weaving business. Their groundbreaking success came with the iconic Guatemalan handwoven skirt, initially sold at Neiman Marcus, later reaching stores across the US. Their factory's dyeing and weaving methods remain integral to Guatemalan traditions. In 1959, the sisters relocated Mayatex™ to El Paso, initiating a "Cottage Industry" crafting saddle blankets in Juarez, Mexico.

Over time, Joyce and Carmen innovated design and weaving techniques, revolutionizing saddle blankets. Joyce remained active in the business until 83 and passed away at 91 in 2003. Her legacy thrives as Mayatex™, a beacon in the equine industry. From there, Carmen Drake's children, James and Pi, have continued to grow Mayatex™. Their dedication has steered the company's growth, shaping it into a premier producer of New Zealand Wool and Acrylic Saddle Blankets within the Equine Industry.

Today, newly owned by NRS, the Mayatex™ legacy lives on through our NRS team, dedicated to continuing the tradition of innovative hand-woven saddle blankets by skilled craftsmen worldwide. Each design meticulously caters to aesthetics and functionality for both horse and rider. With generations of expertise, our commitment to design, quality, and service remains steadfast – a direct journey from weaver to you.